KSoft.Si API is a service that provides Discord bot developers or others the ease in getting content from the internet. We provide easy to use interface and take hard tasks away from developers.


If you don't have the token required to access this API please make an app on our dashboard. After one of our admins approves your app, you will see your token on top of the dashboard page. Please note that access to the API is provided only if you join and stay in the official Discord guild, requests to overcome this must be sent to or raise a support request on

When calling our API, you must provide a HTTP-Header with name Authorization and value Bearer TOKEN where you replace 'TOKEN' with your token (you can find it in the dashboard).

This is an example token 81b1f1d4411405cbb27e6a950cf07be3176ea2fe so your Authorization header should look like this: Bearer 81b1f1d4411405cbb27e6a950cf07be3176ea2fe

Rate limit

While we don't use strict rate limiting we still have a rate limit system implemented to prevent abuse. All requests are subject to per user, 5 requests per second rate limit with allowed bursts up to 2 requests within 100 milliseconds. Requests over the limit will be stored and placed in the lower priority queue and will be processed after the next worker becomes available. Sustained requests that exceed global rate limit will be denied with status code 429.

CDN and Content Storage

We impose strict HTTPS connections on all of our servers.



Static content and icons

Dynamic content and all images

SSL Caching proxy

User content

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